Category: High Performance Computer Architecture

  • A GT OMSCS Course Review – High Performance Computer Architecture (CS6290)

    For me, Georgia Tech’s OMSCS program’s biggest draw was it’s extensive machine learning and artificial intelligence curriculum. There are other online Master’s programs from well-regarded schools (University of Texas and University of Illinois immediately come to mind), but none as established as Georgia Tech and none with classes that felt worth the time and investment. […]

  • The Business of Bits

    If your vocation is one that manages computers, you’re in the business of bits. That is to say, you’re somehow responsible for the writing and/or reading of binary digits. Ones and zeros. Bits. A bit is a fundamental unit for computers. One bit represents a binary logical state as it can be one of two […]

  • The Engineering Art of Balancing Desire with Reality (as told by processor caches)

    In a course about high performance computer architecture, it’s no surprise that most of the time is spent discussing how to speed up computers using their architecture. It’s almost as though the name of the course tells you exactly what to expect. This week in CS6290 at Georgia Tech, we’ve moved on to caches, which […]

  • Processor Pipelines and the Foundation of Computing Systems

    This will probably be my last semester at Georgia Tech that includes a computing systems course (unless high performance computing becomes available again online). The rest of my coursework will be focused on my specialization – machine learning – and while I’m excited to focus more on the questions that brought me to this program, […]

  • Everything In Its Right Place – A Primer on Hardware Support for High Performance Computer Architecture

    My wife and I have a running joke in the house when either one of us moves something to its “correct” resting place, usually punctuated by breaking out into song. Computer science is the practical application of many other sciences (solid state physics, calculus, linear algebra, information science, etc., etc., etc.), but it is at […]

  • Checklists Are Important for Everything – Especially Processors

    Every so often, a few posts come across my desk at the same time, and it reminds me of how at some basic level, all work is the same work, just manifested in different ways. Checklists and agendas, which are near and dear to my heart, are crucial for communicating and getting things done correctly […]