A LexBlogger’s Summer in Review

A LexBlogger’s Summer in Review

This was one of the most eventful summers in my life both personally and professionally. In July, Garry (LexBlog’s COO) and I had a chance to go to Chicago and spend some time talking about LexBlog’s future product line and general opportunities for integrating with our platform. It’s not often that I get an opportunity to do face-to-face meetings of these sort, and it was nice to get back in the saddle. It was also my first time visiting Chicago, and Garry seemed more than happy to drag me around.

A Seattle/Pacific Northwest summer wouldn’t be complete without a few hikes into the wilderness. My wife and I had the chance to spend a weekend at a friend’s cabin where we were treated with this view of Mount Rainier:

And we even got to sneak in a baseball game with the whole LexBlog crew. Unfortunately, the only photo I took was of the empty stadium at the end of the game, but it’s pretty indicative of attendance at most Mariners’ games.

As we rounded out the summer, things started to heat up. At LexBlog, we launched a massive update to LexBlog.com; something that had been years in the making and represented some of the more technically challenging bodies of work that I have encountered at LexBlog.

Our editor-in-chief, Bob Ambrogi, wrote about the launch over on LawSites

And I chimed in on our company blog, Donuts:

< The Future of LexBlog.com is Here to Stay

Shortly after the technical launch of LexBlog.com, I finished summer strong with my wedding! My wife and I were married in Kubota Garden with a reception at Lowercase Brewing and dinner served by El Camion’s food truck. The goal was to have our perfect Seattle day and invite our friends along for the ride. It was a beautiful day, one that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. We spent the night at Inn at the Market and woke up to a quintessential grey Seattle day with this view of the Puget Sound.

And followed it all up with a trip to Nicaragua for our honeymoon.

All in all, not a bad summer 😉